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Kristen Hatton

Maryland, United States

Sous Chef at Champagne Ballroom


Kristen Hatton is a Private Chef with 3 degrees in Culinary Arts Management and author of Lifestyle Recipes: Changes You Can Live With, which supports her clients in taking the mystery out of their meals and transitioning from not knowing what to eat, or overeating while starving, to creating meals that support their wellness goals. She specializes in showing her clients how to end the food tango, the love/hate relationship with their food, and dispel the myths that healthy food just doesn’t taste good. Clients rave about her banging, bursting with flavor recipes that create guilt-free eating! Today, it’s common to eat food that’s void of nutrition, which causes a cycle of eating and starving, and eating and starving. Kristen’s belief is, “It’s not what you’re eating, it’s what you’re eating and not getting!”


Maryland, United States