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Chef Kimi Reid

Portland, OR, United States

Professor, Graduate Program in Nutrition at National College of Natural Medicine


As a chef, creating positive change in the food and health industry is my ultimate goal. Cooking is the lens through which I view solutions within these realms. After studying Biology, I later graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary school in Miami. I spent the next 6 years employed as Head Chef on sailing and motor vessels in worldwide locations. This enabled me to work with a variety of global cuisines, local farms, food preferences, and within the realm of individualized nutrition and menu planning. During this time, I also refined my craft in the kitchens of top 3-Michelin star restaurants including; The Fat Duck (England), The Royal Mail Hotel (Australia), and I helped to open a 'real food concept' Cafe in Melbourne, Australia, named Earl Canteen. These days, i'm more excited about food than ever! I still love to cook for individual clients here Portland, and especially love to create menus for dinner parties and teach classes to get kids and/or adults excited about cooking. I also fill my schedule by cooking for Wellness Retreats worldwide, conducting team-building cooking classes, and creating menus and concepts for food entrepreneurs and food businesses. I also maintain a Faculty position at the National College of Natural Medicine, where I teach classes for the Masters of Nutrition Program.


Portland, OR, United States