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Kimi Ceridon

Medford, MA, United States

Culinary Consultant at Self


Engineering and cooking are natural partners. They are practical applications of scientific principles to produce a product that brings happiness and enjoyment. As both an engineer and a chef, my approach to cooking and cooking processes is to look at them through the lens of science and technology to find fundamental that make everyone a better cook. <br><br> I hold both Masters in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and a Masters in Gastronomy from Boston University. As both an engineer and a culinary consultant, I focus on creating innovative, well-designed and great user experiences through food, cooking and eating. I also have a Culinary Arts Certification, an Artisan Cheese Certification and ServSafe Manager Certification. <br><br> I enjoy building relationships in the New England food community and growing the food movement through communication, teaching workshops, event planning and marketing. I have worked with organizations like Duck Soup, the KITCHEN at the Boston Public Market (BPM), Cuisine en Locale, Aeronaut Brewery, The Williams Agency and Boston Local Food Festival, Boston Ferments, Waltham Fields Community Farm, Northeastern Organic Farming Association (NOFA) and other metro-Boston organizations. <br><br> Two of my specialties are kitchen outfitting and equipment, and educational programming. I equipped and launched the teaching kitchen at BPM where I also coordinated and scheduled more than 60 program partners spanning thousands of program. I have created original programming for a diverse Boston metro audience including hands-on culinary classes, gardening and homesteading workshops, and do-it-yourself demonstrations on using locally sourced ingredients. Additionally, I have spoken across the country at conferences like the Aspen Ideas Festival and for programs at Brandeis University and Sloan School of Management. <br><br> Follow me as I navigate this amazing field at www.noreturnticket.kceridon.com


Medford, MA, United States