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Ken Bourgoin

Orlando, FL, United States

Professor and recently Progam Chair at Valencia College Culinary and Pastry Program


I have cooked and have been around many great chefs all my life. I have traveled nationally and internationally experiencing food in the cultures like Peru, Hawaii, Italy, and China. In America i have experienced the great culinary Cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami, and Boston to name a few. One of my mentors once said "A good cook knows how to cook but a great cook knows what he is cooking"! That is my life's philosophy. I also believe in providence! Providence is who opens and shuts my doors. I consider myself to always be striving to be as good a servant leader as I can be. Hospitality is a gift and those who have it don't think of the hours yet build a family as bold as the work that they produce. This is a great industry and I am privileged to be a part in teaching the next generation.


Orlando, FL, United States