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Katharina Knoll

South Florida, United States

Founder, +Lifestyle Coach, Cooking Class Instructor, Editor and Recipe Developer at Behind Foods


Influenced by my diverse multi-cultural upbringing, travels, health-nut dad and a mystical grandmother I can’t help but wonder about the origins of things. My curiosity about foods (whether it's the healing properties or artisan traditions) inspires me to explore, cook, and learn--guiding me to attempt new things. I use quality, whole foods (emphasis on seasonal and local), and cook in unconventional and traditional ways. State of mind and spirit is a vital part of cooking! I invite you to get creative with flavors, tastes, colors, how everything is coming together: the order, presentation. But none of this is panicked. Just have fun! Food is endlessly fascinating, and whatever I may help you prepare will radiate that.


South Florida, United States