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Justin Ingraham

Scottsdale, United States


My name is Justin Ingraham. I've been cooking since I was sixteen. I do not have a degree from any college or cooking school. Everything I know I learned from hands on experience and trial and error. Cooking to me comes natural and is a passion I love to share with others. My fiancee when we met was a horrible cook and over the years of her watching me and me teaching her little things she now has no fear in cooking dinner and going outside her comfort level to make dinner. My parents were never known for there culinary creations, as a matter of fact I didn't grow up with a cook/chef of any kind I'm my life. Cooking to me has ,as I said, just come natural I knew at a young age it's what I've always wanted to do but as I am getting older I'm starting to realize I get alot of joy teaching others what I've learned and seeing the joy on there faces when they create something they never thought they would be able to.


Scottsdale, United States