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Juan Resto Sr.

Stonington, United States

Chef at Tony c bar & grill


Never really pictured myself as a chef growning up. Was more into cars or building houses, but my mom thought me how to cook at a young age and found my self creating and playing with food. Baking cakes at age 5, learning how to survive. This age in time we as humans don't have to hunt for food, so should take the time to learn how to cook. I been in commercial kitchen since the age of 6, watching my uncles cook for 300 or more people was fascinating. Fire heat,yelling and rushing to get the food out as fast as possible. By the age of 14 I was a dishwasher, two years later I walked the line. Starting at the fryer and quickly moving to saute all in one week! I call that fate, I found my passion.


Stonington, United States