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Joshua Wilkerson

San Francisco, United States


Hi there! My name is Joshua and I am a Chef and small business owner located in San Francisco, California. I'm really excited about this service and even more excited to meet you and assist you into making great meals for yourself and your loved ones. At this point I am supposed to talk about me but rather than give you a novel of all my experience I will just tell you a couple rules of thumb I have: 1.) brown is the color of flavor and flavor is what we want! 2.) With a couple of exceptions fresh is always best 3.) The first bite is with the eyes 4.) Cooking should be fun and easy not stressful and emotionally draining (unless you are a chef, but that is a different story- since we are all masochists). 5.Anyone can be a great cook if they learn a few tried and true techniques and ask the right questions. With those five rules in mind, my goal is to help you become successful in your culinary endeavor whether its a romantic dinner for two, a holiday meal where you need to best your dreaded mother-in-law (yes I just said that) or you just want to put something different in front of the family on Wednesday night. Whatever it is I am here to help. I want you to be the culinary star of your friends and family. Let's face it feeding people is one of the most basic but wonderful things we can do for one another. So lets get rid of the pain and add some enjoyment...you deserve it. Lastly, I make no judgements. Whether your a semi-pro or just starting out we all have questions and taking the time and courage to ask those questions is a commendable act. So don't apologize and never put yourself down. Together we are going up, over and beyond...making you a kitchen success one meal at a time. I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Joshua


San Francisco, United States