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Joshua Ingraham

Cleveland, OH, United States

Executive Chef at Cleveland Indians / Delaware North


I am a student within my own art. I set out to discover all cuisines and master my craft. I'm grateful for the culinary journey that I've been on, from winning a Stanley Cup Ring with the Boston Bruins,leading the culinary team at the Boston Symphony Orchestra to my new home in Cleveland, Ohio where I am now the Executive Chef for the Cleveland Indians and Delaware North. I believe that there is a precise way to cook everything, yet you can still be creative while respecting certain principals and standards in which to cook by. Food should be fun, after all it is essential to life and the reason many of us come together. As a 4th Degree Master Black Belt in the art of TaeKwonDo I wish to inspire positive change through food and fitness! Let us take on the world together one meal at a time. You can follow me @TheChefNshape on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook


Cleveland, OH, United States