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Joseph Shawana

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Executive Chef at Snakes and Lattes. Inc


33 yrs old, born and raise in Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve located on Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Canada, I was brought up knowing that food is our life. Having 6 brothers and 6 sisters, and myself being the oldest male. I paid a lot of attention to my mother while she was cooking, who she learned from my grandmother and great grandmother. I have been around food as long as i can remember. Since starting in the kitchen when i was 13, i knew that the chef life was for me. And I haven't turned back since, even after I sliced my fingers, countless burns by sugar, sauces and steam nothing has ever made me think twice about this life. I graduated with honours from culinary school. everyday that passes my passion for food grows more and more. Trained in classical french, and with my aboriginal background, i have come up with infusing Classical French techniques with Native American Cuisine. I use what my mother, and grandmothers have shown me in the kitchen everyday with my staff members and kitchen team. Full of flavour and never compromise quality of quantity. As well as working everyday in my kitchens,I am also starting up a program to help young youth to come into my kitchens and work alongside one of my chefs and teach them the culinary field in every aspect.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada