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Jose Rodriguez

Los Angeles, United States

Owner/designer at Monkeying Around Confections


Bio Jose Rodriguez is a highly skilled cake artist with a whimsical twist and glamorous taste in cake decoration, who is widely known for his realistic sugar flowers and tiered confections. Jose attended culinary school and specialized in pastry with an interest in event logistics. At the young age of eighteen, Jose decorated his first three-tier cake in fondant with gumpaste décor under the guidance of two instructors. Seeing his thirst to learn, both instructors took Jose as an apprentice. After two years of learning their techniques, Jose entered his first cake competition and won the bronze medal in the wedding cake category; his career has taken off since. As a designer and decorator, Jose gets his inspiration from fashion, art, and life. Always taking pictures, you're bound to see one of those photographs pinned next to a cake he's designing. Jose works with many of the latest decorating techniques, perfects them and works to simplify the processes. Jose also teaches private, one on one advance decorating classes and group classes where students learn the latest trends in the world of cake decorating. Jose has also launched his own line of food safe silicone molds for cake decorating. Fabulous molds by Monkeying Around Confections. Brings You Sexy and luxurious molds. Jose's has had the pleasure to have been asked to assist in many events throughout the years and has an array of skills under his belt. Everything from chef, baker, restaurant manager, cater, and event planning! With such an impressive resume, you can never tell what he'll be doing at any given moment, however you know there will always be room for something sweet in his weekly schedule. Jose lives in his native home of Los Angeles


Los Angeles, United States