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Jordan Miller

Long Beach Township, NJ, United States

Chef de Cuisine at Black Eyed Susans


I am a college graduate with twelve years of cooking experience. I graduated college in four years with two degrees while working full-time and apply hard work ethic to my desire to create food. My educational and culinary experience can be utilized to help professionals and novices alike to prepare superior cuisine. I have a mastery of cooking philosophy and technique along with a full range of managerial skills. I am currently Serv-Safe certified. I am proficient in Spanish. I have extensive experience in the butchery of fish, beef, pork, chicken and other game (including whole animals). I have extensive experience in many international techniques and cuisines as well as teaching at a culinary education school. My current establishment is included in the top ten best restaurants in New Jersey list by Zagat.


Long Beach Township, NJ, United States