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Jonna Niquette

Wisconsin, United States

Executive Chef at Courthouse Pub


I have over 13 years of kitchen experience ranging from Garde Manger, Pastry, Expediting, Line cook, Executive Chef, Catering Chef, and Culinary Instructor. I am currently an Executive Chef and Culinary Instructor. I teach Stocks, Soups, and Sauces, the fundamental skills and principles of from scratch items. Everything I teach is made from scratch. The restaurant kitchen that I run is fine dining, and full service catering. We serve brunch, lunch, and dinner as well as specialty dinners and events. We strive to make everything from scratch and bring in the least amount of convenience foods as possible. Anything I can give you advice or guidance on I will. Remember, we are never to old to learn or ask for help, I wouldn't have achieved as many goals as I have thinking I knew it all. I learn and teach everyday, not only professionally but personally.


Wisconsin, United States