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JoAnna Minneci

Huntsville, AL, United States

Chef-Owner at Chef JoAnna, Inc.


While I was attending culinary school in Los Angeles, I worked for one of the largest catering companies. They did events with hundreds of attendees, like corporate events, movie premieres, and televised awards ceremonies. Once, I overheard an office manager's conversation, where she declined a potential client because the event was too small, saying she didn't know anyone who'd just do a catered dinner for only 12. Bells went off in my head, and I decided to pursue In-Home Fine Dining as my own niche. It's been wildly successful in Los Angeles and there's been a great demand for this kind of service here in Nashville, too. ********************************************* *** *** *** http://facebook.com/ChefJoAnna1 *** *** *** http://twitter.com/ChefJoAnna *** *** *** http://pinterest.com/ChefJoAnnaInc *** *** *** http://instagram.com/ChefJoAnnaInc *** *** *** http://LinkedIn.com/ChefJoAnna *** *** ***


Huntsville, AL, United States