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Jesse Shaul

Bozeman, MT, United States

Chef/cook at LA Foley kitchen


Hello, my name is Jesse and you could consider me a chef but I look at my self as someone who is an avid cook and we'll makes it my quest on life to intake as much knowledge as I can. I have cooked for all kinds of great chefs including being a chef tournant for a top ten chef of the north west and other chefs who we private cater for a variety of celebrities. I learn new things everyday and I am sure I could help bring success to your dinner table and maybe fill you with a bunch of side knowledge as I simply get very excited talking about food!! Side note : I have been cooking professionally for 6 plus years. I also absolutely love bright fresh flavors and awesome char on my food. It is all about that GBD golden brown and delicious!


Bozeman, MT, United States