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Jeffrey Russell

Stamford, Hartford, New Haven, USA

Executive Chef at Aramark


I currently have 45 years of kitchen experience beginning my career as a dish washer at the age of 13. I held various cook's positions in the CT area for several years. I received my cook's apprenticeship papers in West Germany, Belgium and Sweden in 1979. After returning to the States in 1980, I held the position of sous chef and executive sous chef in Connecticut, Florida, and the Cayman Islands. My next move was to Hawaii where I became the youngest hotel executive chef at the age of 28. In 1988, I relocated to Australia and worked as an executive chef at a 5 star resort hotel. I was awarded a Certified Master Craftsman designation which is the equivalent of a Certified Executive Chef in the USA. In addition to my work at the hotel, I held a teaching position at a Technical College where I taught cook apprentices for a 7 week program which was a mandatory requirement to receive their cook's apprenticeship designation. I returned to the states in 1992 to visit my family with the intention of moving back to Hawaii. That plan changed when I met the beautiful woman who is now my wife. I discovered the Business and Industry sector of the foodservice business and worked as a Regional and Corporate Executive Chef for Compass Group which is the largest foodservice provider in the world. I worked for this company for 18 years. I currently hold the position of Executive Chef with Aramark which is the second largest foodservice company in the world. Cooking has been my passion beginning with that dishwashers position 45 years ago and I truly believe that I was born to work in the foodservice industry. I am a well rounded chef with experience in many different cooking methods, cuisines and diets. Although the high stress level and long hours go hand in hand in this business, there is nothing else I would rather be doing. Chef Jeff


Stamford, Hartford, New Haven, USA