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Jaimee Fuertes

Woodinville, United States

Owner / Chef at Suite J: Catering & Events


Chef and Owner, Jaimee Fuertes received her degree in Culinary Arts at the International Culinary School of the Art Institute of Seattle. She has assisted in opening and managing restaurants in the Seattle area and has recently launched Suite J: Catering & Events. Along with weddings and corporate events, she contracts personal chef services for AFH and Senior Living facilities in Skagit Valley and as well as for the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Washington. She has done restaurant consultations in the Southern California area and is currently working on an international project in Makati City, Philippines. Jaimee is very passionate in cooking and traveling. She loves to see different cultures and the different styles of cooking each place has to offer. Jaimee loves to infuse the Asian influences of cooking to Modern American comfort foods. If you ask her what makes her different, she will simply reply that it’s her “style”. Everything she does is fresh, from scratch and trendy; from the style of cuisine and the flavors incorporated in her dishes.


Woodinville, United States