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Igor Breyman

Castro Valley, United States


When I'm asked "how long have you been cooking?" I can't recall a time when I wasn't cooking. My family immigrated to America from Odessa, Ukraine at my tender age of two. But even prior to that, there are home videos of me trying to aid my family cooking outdoors over an open fire (we didn't have indoor cookery at the time), throwing pebbles into the stew or soup. I'm lucky to this day to still have my grandmother with me in America, allowing me to learn all the subtleties of true Ukrainian cuisine. Other than my love of ethnic cuisines--Ukrainian, Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, French, etc--I am a big advocate of shopping locally and seasonally. Farmer's markets surround us almost every day of the week, and utilizing all that fresh produce is key. When something is in season it's not only cheaper, it tastes better and has more nutrient potential than out of season. Plus, things that grow together seasonally, taste amazing together! Can't lie that corn and tomatoes don't go together, or carrots and cabbage! Working as a culinary instructor, I am a master of the basics. Any questions regarding any cuisine I can probably answer, all it takes is to look at some of the scientific basis of what is going on! For example, why can't you get a good sear on the scallop? Maybe it's too wet! Color comes from the absence of moisture, so maybe patting it dry before placing it in the pan is all you need! I earned my B.S. in Culinary Management from the Art Institute of CA-San Francisco and can answer any questions about party planning as well. I am currently creating small cooking shorts on youtube as well.


Castro Valley, United States