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Hans R Aeschbacher

Chicago IL, United States


I read and write Spanish and I Attended the University of Guadalajara Mexico for 1 1/2 years and I almost became a Spanish language teacher. I then attended the Art Institute of (automotive design) Pasadena California also know as the Art Center College of Design, I thought I was going to be a Car designer but I changed my mind. I went there for one year I left Art school to attended culinary school. The Hotel Motel School of Bern Switzerland ( Les Roches ) witch I received my degree in Hotel management. Please forgive me if I did not get the order right, it seem such a long time ago. I grew up in the kitchen as my father was a chef so I naturally grew up with all kinds of food in the house. I started working in the kitchen with my father at age 11 and loved it. No matter what I did I always came back to the warmth that was the kitchen. I have had a long and extensive career in food and have opened countless restaurants and practice all manor of culinary techniques and cuisines.


Chicago IL, United States