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Gordon Smith

Encinitas, CA, United States

Chef/Owner at Aah Yum Catering


Chef Gordon recently published "Save The Males Cookbook: A Stress Free Guide for First-Time Cooks to Set Up & Use Your Kitchen Like A Pro." (on amazon.com) A California native, Chef Gordon entered the culinary world from the ground up as a prep cook in an upscale Sacramento seafood restaurant. Soon, the apprentice was opening a second restaurant for his mentor. Working with legendary chef Michel Stroot of the Golden Door, Chef Gordon learned to prepare flavorful meals for exclusive clients with rigid dietary restrictions. A respected specialist in spa and wellness cuisine, he was instrumental in opening Deepak Chopra's Center for Well Being in La Jolla, CA. During LA Olympics, he helped plan and prepare healthy meals for 7,000 athletes daily in addition to catering presidential and mayoral events. At the Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt Germany, Chef Gordon was part of the American Natural Food Team which won two Silver Medals. He was twice awarded Best Chef of North County for his own restaurant, Basil Street Café in Encinitas. His former private chef clients include First Lady Betty Ford, Michael Eisner, Saudi Prince Fahad, James Garner and Jason Mraz. Chef Gordon is the former governor of Southern California for Slow Food USA, an international movement dedicated to supporting the small farmer and preserving global food traditions.


Encinitas, CA, United States