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Gail Blair

Allen, United States

owner/chef at Food Revelation


Chef Gail Blair of Food Revelation is an accomplished plant-based chef. Her passion is teaching others about the healing power of food. Her Motto: “The taste buds don’t care if it’s plant or animal as longs as it’s delicious!”. Her specialty: Recreating family recipes into new healthy traditions. Gail is the perfect chef for “Meat Lovers” and “Vegetable Haters”. Over the last few years, she has been busy extending her passion in public venues, private settings and through her volunteer work. She has been seen at Market Street, Le Creuset, Real Book Store and Light Worker’s Sanctuary. As a perfect complement to her passion for food Gail has added her “Intuitive Chef” services. Through specific “food compatibility” testing, her clients have the advantage of knowing exactly what foods are the most healing to their bodies. Most importantly, she empowers others to develop and use their own intuitive skills for optimum health and peace of mind. Her Mission: Empowering others to empower themselves through the power of food and thought!


Allen, United States