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Francoise Brana

San Diego, CA, United States


Chef Francoise Brana was born in California but grew up travelling around the world. Her family originally from Chile, were world travelers so she feels she was raised all over California, Chile, Argentina, Italy and Mexico. This travelling way of life has influenced her cuisine and technique in specializing in mixing French and Italian traditional cuisine with her palate for World fusion. Chef Francoise began baking bread with her grandmother when she was 5 years old and it is then she acquired her love for food, appreciation of fresh products and flair in the kitchen. This also shows why she is such an expert baker and pastry creator. At age 18 Francoise moved to France and then to Italy to begin her restaurant experience. She there specialized in handmade pastas, wood-oven baked pizza, unique varieties of house-cured salumi, roasted whole fish and meats served family-style. She lived there for 7 years where she acquired most of her restaurant experience. She is seasoned in orchestrating custom menus, entertainment industry galas and corporate large-scale dining events. Her travel experience gives her an immense knowledge of the variety of ingredients that are available and their different seasons.


San Diego, CA, United States