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elizaveta mairesse

Washington, DC, USA


I have a passion – no other word for it – for everything that has to do with food, from a seed in the garden to the holiday table. Over the years, this passion has become a vocation and a successful business, that of a personal chef and a caterer. Feel free to take a look: www.life2order.com The personal chef service involves providing individuals and families with meals on a regular basis. It includes everything from menu planning - needless to say, tailored to the customer's desires and needs - through delivery to one's door step. Specific arrangements, delivery frequency, number of meals etc. vary widely and need to be discussed individually. I buy only fresh and - when possible - organic ingredients at local stores and farmers markets. Local CSA shares are one of my main produce sources as well. Besides the personal chef service, I also cater events: sit down dinners, buffet style gatherings, cocktail parties - all kinds. This part of my business allows for maximum creativity. I have put together a wide variety of events, from home-based birthday parties for friends and family to much more formal gatherings. As far as the menu is concerned, sky is the limit. I can plan something relatively simple and budget-friendly, go all out with a decadent array of dishes, or do anything in between.


Washington, DC, USA