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Edward Szczerba

Ossining,N.Y.10562, United States


Hi everyone!! My name is Ed Szczerba (pronounced Sherba!) I have been in the food service industry for thirty five plus years. As a recent heart patient(five open heart procedures in under two years time) I found the need to re-think my style of cooking over the years. My approach is a simple one, and that is to get the maximum amount flavor from each ingredient I'm using no matter what the particular meal is. Salt and fat have become my enemy unfortunately but I have learned to extract flavors using other techniques with fresh herbs,citrus and flavored vinegar's,stocks and wines.Whether it's an appetizer,soup,salad,entree or desert fresh ingredients are key. I'm what you call a "green" chef,I do not waste food when preparing my meals.I get full value for the dollar spent and do not skimp on flavor. I have learned over the years that people not only eat with their mouths but they eat with their eyes as well as their senses. If I can be of assistance to you in anyway please feel free to contact me! Happy Cooking and Bon Apetit!!


Ossining,N.Y.10562, United States