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Eddie Elsasser

Stratford, CT, United States

Chef/Owner at Mama Jeanne's personal in home chef


Let me start out by introducing myself. I am Chef Eddie, and I have been in the culinary business for over 30 years. I started out in the late 80s as a prep-cook/dishwasher. I found the restaurant industry fascinating, and I wanted and needed to know more. At that point, my passion and love for cooking took off like a rocket. My Mom Jeanne and my Aunt Hopie were the ones that inspired and nurtured me into the culinary world. It all started with a simple Philly-style cheese-steak hoagie. Then my Aunt Hopie challenged me in a Thanksgiving turkey contest… Although I won, I knew better. Aunt Hopie was scheming. This was her way of trying to make me think that I had what it took to become a Great Chef one day… I miss my Mom and my Aunt Hopie a great deal. They are in Heaven with Jesus now, and I can still hear Aunt Hopie's words when I was discouraged: “I don’t want to hear those words, 'I can’t do it.' If I hear them again, I’ll kick you in the… You’ll do it.” LOL. My Mom was the same way; blood runs thick in the Elsasser-Lindeman-Sedlak family rivers. Eventually, I became an Executive Chef and owned my own Personal Chef Service. Aunt Hopie and my Mom knew I could do it. I just needed a kick in the butt. With Chef Eddie’s Personal Chef Service, I wanted to bring my love of cooking and creating foods to the private and public sector. This also allowed me to work closely with my clients and learn for myself what they wanted and needed of me and to provide them with a quality experience in their homes and lives. We sat down and picked out the creations that they wanted to have prepared. I went out to shop for them in the local seafood, farmers, and meat markets in their area. I then brought the food back to their home or business and prepared it. Most times, I would package the meals and place them in the refrigerator or freezer, providing them meals for a day through a week at a time. There were many occasions when I would serve them as a family or at a dinner reception that they were hosting. In the time that I have provided this service, I have worked for a few celebrities (i.e., in the sports, Hollywood, and music industries) as well as for many singles and large families. Also, I have worked at the finest luxury hotel company in the world, The Ritz-Carlton. I have never worked with a more loving, creative, and talented group of people in one company before. I have worked along side the most talented and articulate chefs in the world. All at my finger tips. I am so grateful and honored to have this availability to this kind of education. I believe that one never stops learning until the day his brain is six feet under…then with the Lord. I Hope ad will that I am your connection into my world and my journey into the love, style, and taste of the culinary creations that are around us and abroad. I am hoping to bring you tastes that will captivate you. Now, until we meet again, I wish you many journeys into the love, style, and taste of food around you. Chef Eddie A. Elsasser


Stratford, CT, United States