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Dennis DeVere

Kirkland, United States

Personal Chef/ Owner at Carpe Diem Cooking


Eventual classic French training, but this is how it all began... My earliest memories of food and cooking came from my Grandmothers' kitchen.We would step outside into her large home garden and pick the produce for that nights' meal. I sat and watched her cook mesmerized by what she was creating. She never used measuring cups, only her hands and senses to prepare those wonderful dishes. Simple and home-style, they were comforting and good to eat. I began watching cooking shows such as the "Galloping Gourmet" with Graham Kerr and was always captivated by what he created. I started cooking- cookies, boxed cake mixes at first, then moved on to entrées and side dishes. I would call my Father at his office and recite my ingredient list and he would oblige me. The day I called and asked for "a beef tenderloin, mushrooms and chicken livers, I'm going to make Beef Wellington". I recall him remarking at the cost and scoffing. I think I received an eye of round instead, needless to say it was a little different than Grahams'! I took cooking classes in High school, often one of only a few boys in the class and I always out-cooked the girls. I went on to culinary school and into the culinary field at large. I have cooked in all types of commercial establishments- small luxury hotels, fine dining restaurants, surf & turf at the coast, family owned home-style restaurants, one man operations, BBQ, catering and exclusive country clubs. I like big bold flavors, various ethnic dishes and "comfort foods". My passion continues today and I want to share it with you.


Kirkland, United States