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Demeatrie Funderburk

Oakland, CA, United States

Kitchen Manager/Head Chef at Crown & Crumpet


Growing up in a military family instilled a certain drive, integrity and discipline into Demeatrie at a very early age. She was immersed into many cultures with many different types of people and learned how to adapt to any situation effortlessly. This proved to be extremely helpful when she joined the United States Air Force as a Computer Engineer. Being stationed in very remote locations that included England & South Korea exposed her to bouts of low morale amongst her peers. To ease the mental and emotional strains of being away from families, she began catering base wide events such as birthday parties, promotion ceremonies and morale gatherings. This proved to be a very enjoyable experience for all. After separating from the military, she decided to further expand her culinary knowledge by attending Gros Bonet Culinary Academy in Honolulu, HI. There she was not only granted the opportunity to learn various techniques, she was also allowed a chance to showcase the influences from her childhood. After working as a efficient and dynamic line cook in Waikiki for 2 years, she took some time off from the restaurant industry to study Film & Television Production at Full Sail University where she focused on writing screenplays and television segments. After frequenting a few film sets, it became apparent that they were lacking on the meal options which seemed to decrease the excitement within the crew. She then became the Crafty Lead on many sets as well as head caterer to ensure that the staff and actors were taken care of. Her time as a engineer equipped her with a keen eye to detail and precision which she uses when creating all her dishes and stories. Later in the future, she plans on opening a catering company that ties together all the creative aspects that she enjoys.


Oakland, CA, United States