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Deborah L. Viariseo-Costella

Las Vegas-Palo Alto, United States


Hi, my name is Deborah. My interest and passion for food began in our family kitchen. My grandmother was from Puerto Rico so of course, her cooking included all the ingredients, techniques and rythyms of her culture. Mix that with what I learned from my Italian father, and you end up with my blended style of cooking. I've worked in restaurants,both the front of the house and the back. English Tea Rooms, Hamburger joints, Italian restaurants-lots of those ,French, and Indian,(Mumbai, Bengali & Madras), which led me into more contemporary vegetarian cusines. In addition to learning while working in the industry, I attended culinary school and continue my education whenever I can, while traveling or locally. These days my food focus is from Farm to Table. I'm an avid user of fresh or home-dried herbs in all my dishes. This allows me to incorporate incredible layers of flavor without out adding too much salt or butter. Not that I have anything against salt or butter. I'm also a Blogger, check out; Yourcosmicmuffin.blogspot.com and writer. I am currently working on a cookbook which offers my readers a unique blend of recipes and story-telling. My first venture into writing was a children's cook book. What I love most about cooking is the process of taking something rather ordinary, then altering and molding it into something new and artistic, yet uphold the integrity of its original form. Of course sharing the food I prepare with others honors the chemistry of the influence food has on us. It is always my hope, those who eat my food will leave the table interested, entertained and satisfied.


Las Vegas-Palo Alto, United States