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Daniel J Rivers

Woodstock, United States


Chef Daniel Rivers has been cooking for most of his life. Raised in Georgia, his passion is heavily influenced by his family upbringing, learning his appreciation for flavors from his father and his organization in the kitchen from his Jewish mother. In his early 20s, Rivers began to transform his passion for cooking into a successful career. He attended the Culinary Institute of America, After wards he traveled to Aspen, where he honed his skills working for the Five Star Resort "The Little Nell" "The Hotel Jerome" which lead him back to Georgia and became the Head Chef of "Sip Wine and Tapas" Asian-inspired restaurant offering high-end, small plates. Chef Daniel combines classical French and Italian cooking techniques with a contemporary approach, fusing the best styles from the past and present. Leading the way for the next generation, his style captivates and provides a distinct, yet familiar culinary assortment to appease the palate.


Woodstock, United States