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Daniel Donguines

San Francisco, CA, United States

Executive Chef at Culinary Freestyle


Culinary Freestyle is an imaginative and innovative company designed to connect people though new food concepts, exciting events, and gastronomic education. Our mission focuses on 3 major areas in the culinary industry: To Publish relevant and current information for Food and Beverage Enthusiasts and Industry Professionals To Practice Culinary Art through documentation, education, and production of Food and Beverage Products and Services To Connect People, Places and Products and further the growth of the Food and Beverage Sector and the Hospitality Industry Ultimately, what drives us in this business is the people, the story, and the memories that are made as the Culinary Freestyle Team seeks to add a unique and special touch that will leave you with a long and lasting impression: “A Freestyle Culinary Experience.”


San Francisco, CA, United States