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Christal McMillion

Austin, TX, United States

owner at Betty ' s Glutenless Gluttony


Christal McMillion has been a professional baker and Pastry Chef for over 26 years. Le Cordon Bleu trained, her career has taken her from Oklahoma City to Beverly HIlls to her current home in Austin, Tx. Diagnosed in 2000 with Celiac disease, her Dr. advised her to just try and cut out breads and pasta. Imagine being a Pastry Chef and learning that your passion & career is literally killing you. Over time, due to ignorance and a stubbornness to not want to leave her beloved career, any thought of Celiac was completely forgotten. In May 2010 Christal's health took a nosedive so severe she could no longer ignore the complications of "untreated" Celiac disease. Years of indulging in decadent pastries, bread and pasta, not to mention the handling of wheat flours on a regular basis in the workplace had taken it's toll. No longer able to eat as she once had and unable to continue working as a Pastry Chef, Christal immersed herself in learning everything she could about Celiac disease and how to cook and bake gluten free. This also lead to finding the world of primal & paleo. Several tears, laughs, and failed experiments later she now shares with you the information she has learned during this incredible journey.


Austin, TX, United States