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Cheri Ryer

Fallbrook, CA, United States

Personal Chef--special dietary needs at Various clients


I started cooking as a slip of a girl. My Mom was so happy to finally have a daughter after four boys, that she had me 'help' despite my having to stand on a chair. That start encouraged me and I loved to find a recipe and prepare it--sometimes that worked and sometimes it didn't, but it was all a learning curve whether a failure or a success. Sometime in my twenties, I realized that my cooking brought joy to people. It gave me opportunities also--a free ski trip in exchange for my being in charge of the food prep for the group. Plus, I loved cooking, trying new recipes, and especially different cuisines--so it was a win-win situation for me. Then in 1999, we had friends over for dinner and one of them proclaimed that she would pay me to cook like that for her. Personal chefs were pretty new, so I looked into pursing a career in the field, got educated and had work immediately. I had regular clientele, as well as catered events. Beginning in the spring of 2001, I was employed for two years as a personal chef for the Miles' family, (Mrs. Miles had special dietary needs), I saw first hand how the food we eat has enormous effects on our overall health. My client was able to go off all hypertension medications on the low sodium, low-fat diet I prepared for her and her family. Early 2003, I moved to a small town in Oregon and I left personal chef work during the time I lived there. I happily moved back to California in 2014 and currently live in Fallbrook, CA. I expanded my clientele base to include dinner parties, teaching, while having regular personal chef clients. I have greatly expanded my knowledge about recipe creation, gluten-free baking; vegan food prep; low-fat desserts (YES!!) and different cuisines. I'm currently learning all about making my own wines. I delved into wine making last year and after a long years wait, I discovered my elderberry wine turned out delicious! Life is a learning experience and cooking is such a part of that! It is an expression of love; health, happiness and all that is good in our lives. Bon Appetti!


Fallbrook, CA, United States