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Eastchester, NY, United States

Owner/head cookie baker/creator at Biscotina Homemade Cookies


Hi I am the face behind the Cheftini and Biscotina brands, I am native New Yorker, who is an experienced home cook, baker, food enthusiast and blogger. Though I may not formal training as a chef, I credit my strong cooking abilities to my Italian upbringing, where I was in the kitchen at a very early age. My passion and knowledge for cooking and food has been recognized by major food brands, chefs, food networks and national publications. I have been cooking and baking for over 20 years and I am most knowledgeable in the area of Mediterranean/Italian cuisine. I am also known to turn an old fashioned Italian American classics into healthier and sometimes lighter version of the original. I am also the founder and head baker of my own Italian Cooking business - Biscotina Homemade Cookies and Sweets. Biscotina is quickly growing and has been honored to provide it's treats for events at places such as CNBC, Lord & Taylor Department Stores, as well as for corporate clientele who use biscotina as their holiday gifts and in their event swag bags.


Eastchester, NY, United States