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Atlanta, Ga, United States

Food & Beverage Director at Heritage Golf Links


Chef John C. Heard is a professional culinary trained artisan that is skillfully trained in the art of French cuisine.Chef John is Serv Safe Certified, an active member of Slow Foods, and The American Culinary Alliance. He specializes in creating nutritious health conscious meals. He has studied and mastered various types of cuisines providing 15 years of combined cooking knowledge. A native of Memphis, Tn. Born in the home of the blues, and some of the worlds greatest barbecue, Chef John began cooking at the age of nine. "I remember my mother had a box with dozens of Betty Crocker cards in it. My brother and I would find different cards and bake cookies, biscuits, and other easy recipes during the summer when we were on break from school". Chef John moved to Atlanta with the passion of learning the Culinary Arts. John is a honors graduate of Le Cordon Bleu where he has excelled in the mastery of French Cuisine, as well as preparation of dishes from all over the world. "I believe that food is a journey through history, telling a story of the heart, because the secret ingredient for any great dish is a love". After externing at Pinehurst Golf Resort in North Carolina, John chose to return to Atlanta with a desire to promote healthy leaving through proper eating and healthy food choices. Chef John is Currently the Food & Beverage Director for Heritage Golf Links in Tucker, Ga.


Atlanta, Ga, United States