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Chef Tony Moore



Chef Tony is an American Chef who has been creating contemporary, continental and exotic cuisine for more than fifteen years. A native of Jersey City, NJ, he is a proud graduate of both the California Culinary Academy and Hampton University. He began his culinary career in 1992 in the Navy on board the USS John F. Kennedy, where he cooked for the Navy’s elite Admirals and Captains. After spending four years in the navy, Chef “T,” as he is affectionately known, decided to take his skills to the civilian world where he became an Executive Chef of Wyndham Hotel and Resorts in New Jersey. There he perfected his craft and continued to captivate people’s pallets with his array of seasoning, herbs and spices. His passion to create unequivocal experiences through food, quickly garnered him a favorable reputation within the culinary arts world. In 1998, his relocation to Atlanta provided opportunities to expand his brand and further his entrepreneurial spirit by offering personal chef and catering services to some of Atlanta’s most elite clientele to include athletes, entertainers, ministers, politicians and families that just enjoy good food. For the past four years, Chef “T,” has been a featured Chef at the annual Disney Epcot Food and Wine festival in Orlando, Florida, where he competes with top Chef’s from across the country by creating unique cuisine designs. Chef T attributes in large part his passion and desire to prepare good tasting, healthy food to the love he has for his two daughters ages 13 and 14. Preparing meals that look good and taste good encourage healthy eating habits from generation to generation.