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Chef Thomas Rufin

St petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, United States

Chef at Kopper Kitchen


I apprenticed under a White House Executive Chef at the Down Town Jazz and Blues Club in Dowtown Orlando, Florida. She was from the Reagan area and wielded a laddle like a scepter; Chef Louise ruled her kitchen, classic french cuisine with a bold southern twist . I was born in Atlanta, Ga, but I consider New Orleans my home. That's where I was basically raised and where my family's from. Raised on good times and the food to go with it, made my first rue at seven and I have been cooking ever since. I am classically frenched trained. My cuisine is a fusion of cajun, pacific rim with a Floribean flare. I enjoy bold bright flavors, soups, sauces, and salsas. The hotter the better.


St petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, United States