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Chef Janice Harris

Lawrenceville, GA, United States

Owner/Operator at G.G. Gourmet Personal Chef Services, LLC


G.G. GOURMET Personal Chef Services is a food service business aimed at bringing home cooking back to your dinner tables. We offer high quality, moderately priced, customized food menus using only the freshest ingredients. This service solves a problem that exists for many busy Americans (how to eat healthy at home without spending an hour or two preparing meals). Today's personal chefs cater to overworked parents, those with busy lifestyles and commitment, singles, and seniors. They also pull off dinner and cocktail parties where hosts want to forgo the preparation, cooking and serving. In addition to that, G.G. Gourmet provides grocery shopping services, small cooking classes, dinner parties, and catering for 50 people or less. I will provide home cooked meals prepared personally for you in the privacy of your home. The best part is that all the planning, shopping, cooking, and clean up are done by your personal chef.


Lawrenceville, GA, United States