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Chef/Health Foodologist Angela Webster

FL, United States


Presenting Chef Angela Webster, Health Foodologist! I have over 26 years of experience in the kitchen. My specialty is alternative cooking and baking, including but not limited to gluten free, grain free, dairy free, sugar free, soy free, raw vegan, paleo-friendly options, and allergen free cooking and baking. I am an EXPERT at recreating various tastes and textures without using conventional wheat, soy, corn, sugar, dairy, or grains. I have been classically trained in Italian cuisine, Latin American cuisine, Ethiopian cuisine, and Raw Veganism. My goal with each dish is to create a healthy, nutritious meal that makes the food functional for your health as opposed to harmful, while maintaining DELICIOUS flavor and texture! I also use tonic herbs in several dishes, enhancing the healing properties and health benefits of the food. I cook privately for people with chronic illness such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, obesity, and other inflammatory illnesses. I have my own healthy web-based cooking show called Groovy Gourmet. Feel free to check it out! Please contact me if you would like help transforming a recipe into a healthier one or catering it for a specific food allergy/dietary parameter. I also can help you with juicing fruits and vegetables, making fresh green/fruit smoothies, and eating vegetarian/vegan the proper way. If you are trying to make something gluten free or have any kind of baking questions, I am a wonderful resource. Baking is what got me into the kitchen at the age of 2 so I'm sure I can be of assistance if your recipe has you stumped. If you need help with recipe substitutions, any Italian dish, creating your own spice blend, or making tasty refreshing beverages, I would be happy to help with that as well! Chef Angela Webster of Groovy Gourmet: Your one stop shop for alternative cooking and baking, raw foods, paleo recipes, recipe conversions, gluten free cooking and baking, dairy free cooking and baking, authentic Italian, Latin, or Ethiopian cuisine, fresh green juices, smoothies, baked goods, homemade spice blends, kid-approved healthy recipes, allergen-free recipes, desserts, pizzas, macaroni and cheese, healthy snacks, tonic herbs, fermented foods, GMO-free food, and more!


FL, United States