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Chef David Armatis

San Francisco, CA, United States

Independent Consultant at Safe Foods First


I am a Chef, teacher and trainer for the professional culinary field. I'm happy to help explore your questions. My skills sets allow me a specialty of helping new food manufacturing businesses get started. I find teaching fun and enjoy meeting new people as part of learning about our world. In California, and other states, local county laws have relaxed and now allow home business to get started easily. I've helped a number of food manufactures pass their first audit ( if you want to sell to Costco, Whole Foods, or Safeway -- at some point you will need a FS audit) I am certified as a Food Safety Manager Instructor (ServeSafe and NRFSP) and for the manufacturing sector a HACCP trainer (SCS Global) and have a HACCP Seafood (AFDO/HACCP Alliance/FDA) certification. And I love to cook!


San Francisco, CA, United States