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Chase Sobelman

NY TriState Area, United States

Co-Owner at Chasing Blue LLC.


I have been a Chef for 10 years and in the industry for almost 2 decades. I enjoy cooking many different cuisines. I like experimenting with regional flavors, the more ethnic and authentic the better. I also recently earned my certification as a Health Coach. I support people in their nutritional goals and healthy lifestyles. I'm a real down to earth Chef, I like to share my knowledge, I have three kids that I cook almost every meal for and I continue to learn everyday. My husband, who co-owns my consulting business, is also one of the best Chefs that I know. I believe in happy mistakes in food and that this should be fun. It would be my pleasure to share what I know with you and whatever I don't know, I will help you find your answers.


NY TriState Area, United States