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Chef Carol Lewanda

Palm Beach, Florida, United States


I have been cooking for 25 yrs. I am a graduate of the Florida Culinary Institute Located in West Palm Beach, Florida. I am also a member of the American Culinary Federation as well as the American personal and Private Chef Association. I am certified in Serve Safe and that means I cook everything with your safety in mind, so you can trust everything will be made with the freshest ingredients that can be bought. I've decided to follow my dream and become a personal private chef. I love to cook and I am very good at it, whether you need a special diet, or you want to lose weight or you just enjoy home cooking or gourmet delights I am happy to prepare them in the privacy of your home. Come home to the smell of home cooked meals without the bother of cleaning up, or going shopping, don't feel guilty that the family isn't being fed good hearty food, sit at the table with the family and have home made meals with no muss or fuss, just "HEAT-N-EAT" it's better than eating out. Restaurant quality in your own home!


Palm Beach, Florida, United States