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Buthion Alain

Oklahoma city, USA

chef/owner at self


I'm born french, stay there 25 years, at age 14 got enroll in The clos d'or restaurant hotel school in my home town Grenoble. At the time the best and largest in Europe. Did that,and apprentice work around the area. Form the Mountain to the sea. Came to Oklahoma city and age 25 and spend time with a assortment of people from Asia, south America, north America, travel around and as today I call my food lost in translation. I've been cooking in the same place for 26 years, its call La Baguette Bistro, Ive with my Brother Michel changing a part of Oklahoma City, by food and wine. We made a impact here in this town. We open and closed other adventure, as today we have another place call Bellini a Italian Restaurante. We feel good and and happy about the difference we did here in this town. Its not easy the first day and its not easy today but we do love it. We are totally in restaurant life. I love cutting and cooking and you can't stop me.


Oklahoma city, USA