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brittney young

Lithonia, United States

Executive Chef at Bleu Flame Caterings


Brittney is a Dynamic, Innovative chef with an distinctive shy yet down to earth personality. The aspirations of her goals is to create a blog teaching people new recipes and giving them more confidence in the kitchen. Brittney's talent and goals were discovered at the tender age of 7, when she made a batch of pancakes in her mothers kitchen. It was at that moment that everyone realized that Brittney may truly have a future in cooking. At the age of 19 Brittney registered to attend Le Cordon Bleu School Of Culinary in Atlanta and completed the program later becoming a certified chef. Now at the age of 22, Brittney is in school for a bachelors in Business Entrepreneurship at Georgia State University and is currently working on a dessert line, catering company, and restaurant. Her dreams are starting to take flight so stay tuned .


Lithonia, United States