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Brian True

Chicago, IL, United States


Over the last 23 years I've worked in many kitchens for many chefs. My favorite cuisines include Cajun, American Haute, and Classical French. Some of my favorite styles include Cajun, Italian, French, Thai and American Haute. Although my speciality throughout my career has been prep, I have worked extensively with on both the cold and hot sides of the line. And, I have even done some pastry and baking over the years. My true love is what I like to call "one pot" cooking (i.e. soups, stews, casseroles, étouffées etc..) I pride myself on having excellent knife handling skills and am quite good at basic butchery as well. I do my best to remain informed on food trends, but also really appreciate a well executed classically prepared dish. At home, I have mastered the art of using the pressure cooker for quick delicious meals. And, most recently, I have been dabbling in making homemade, all-organic baby foods for my beautiful daughter.


Chicago, IL, United States