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Brandon Roush

Holladay, UT, United States

Head Pastry Chef at Auntie Rae's Dessert Island


My name is Brandon Roush and I am a baker/pastry chef. I have a deep passion for baked goods and pastries! I have worked in the baking/pastry field for a bit over five years now. I have also catered several weddings and many other parties with my own desserts from my home kitchen. I ran an experimental online cookie and dessert business for six months testing out my product and learning valuable lessons in marketing, pricing, logo and website design, and other useful things. My goal is to open up my own pastry shop in five years as well as publish and sell recipe books. I have done a lot of cooking in my life too, but my expertise lies with baking and pastry!


Holladay, UT, United States