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Blair Woodruff

Kamloops, Canada


With more than two decades of high end food service experience, Blair is an industry recognized Chef and Consultant. Blair has provided private clients with memorable culinary experiences, also providing food service operations with forensic audits and reccommendations regarding efficiencies, profitabilty and logistics in their operations. More recent obsessions include less utilized food products, preparing them in such a way as to highlight their intrinsic qualities; either by ancient methods like fermenting and grilling, or modern ways such as sous vide and molecular chemistry. CAREER SUMMARY Comprehensive Culinary and Consulting Experience • Classically trained as a Chef • Professionally accredited Chef with detailed knowledge of classic and modern culinary styles • Planned and executed culinary operations for private lounges and venues during Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games • Owned and operated a licensed 80 seat bistro with a strong catering and retail component • Created a series of hands on cooking classes in clients homes • Worked as a private chef as well as offering personal chef services Food and Wine Operations Management • Intimately familiar with smaller boutique operations and larger high volume venues & events • Defined and streamlined all aspects of culinary production, kitchen management, ordering, and preparation through to presentation and service • Designed and implemented several standardized recipe and brigade training programs, including a curriculum based apprenticeship schedule. Team Management and Training • Mentored and trained team members in culinary competitions, encouraging them to deliver their best and inspiring them to perform at superhumanl levels • Designed and implemented several employee handbooks, safety and sanitation plans, and yearly budgets for clients


Kamloops, Canada