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Azlin Bloor

Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Owner at Lemongrass and Lime


I am a Private Chef and Culinary Instructor specialising in East Asian and South East Asian cusines. I also host live cooking shows on Google+ and YouTube. I was born and raised in Singapore in a very multi cultural family, giving me the best training in Asian cooking one can hope for! My grandmother had a catering business for years and this is where much of my craft was developed in my early teens on. I went on to teach English and Economics before deciding to go back to my first love - helping people to cook. I have always combined my travels with cooking and have taught in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Morocco and Hungary, just to name a few. Besides my on-site cookery classes, I also give live interactive lessons through Google Hangouts and Skype as well as video lessons on various teaching platforms.


Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom