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New Jersey, USA

Founder, Personal Vegan Chef and Baker at Tipsy Shades of Earl Grey


I am a vegan chef and baker who strives to create delicious and satisfying meals the whole family can enjoy. I am an expert a revamping traditional recipes in order to create plant-based alternatives. My cuisine is based around seasonal and local ingredients, and I can teach you to make lively vegan menus tailored to your specific dietary needs, whether you are kosher and looking for the most sublime pareve desserts, or are looking for ways to trick out your veggies dishes if you are paleo. I have lived in the Mediterranean and am especially experienced in the cuisine of that region. I am the founder of Tipsy Shades of Earl Grey, a boutique, vegan cupcake company, specializing in tea and spirits infused cupcakes that have been enjoyed both at home and abroad.


New Jersey, USA