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Antonio (Tonni) Hinojosa

Buda, TX, United States

Executive Chef / President at Rio Grande Catering / Hinospices,LLC


ABOUT US Chef Antonio “Tonni” Hinojosa who is a veteran of the restaurant industry for over 23 years and an advocate of spicy, well-flavored food, sought out to create his own signature blend of all natural spices with the world’s best ingredients, with the goal of imparting flavor into ALL food, thus Hinospices was born. With the flavor Hinospice provides it is TRULY “spices for the species.” Born and raised in College Station, Texas, Tonni had always had a niche for cooking and grilling. He decided to hone in on his craft and pursue his passion professionally when he attended the Texas State Technical College where he earned a degree in Applied Science in Foodservice/Culinary Arts. However most of his skills he learned through trial and error in the kitchen. Along his illustrious career in the restaurant industry, Tonni has been the chef at Tavern on Chimney Hill in College Station, where he designed the menu with his own signature dishes and was the Sous Chef at the illustrious Hilton Hotel located in College Station.


Buda, TX, United States