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Antoine Elizabeth

Montreal Quebec, Canada

Executive Chef at Resort and Spa

Quiche au poireaux et bacon
Tartare de chevre et croutons
Tomato and mozzarella
Fish and chips with coleslaw and fries
Duo burger bacon & pork and deer
Ribs and Wings with French fries
Blood pudding on stir teriyaki stir fry vegetables
Pan Seared Salmon with cherry tomatoes and orange Salsa
Salmon Tartare with Habanero dressing
Cheese plate for one/ enjoy with a glass of wine
Shrimp Ceviche with Avocado salsa
Spring rolls with citrus and plum sauce
Wild Salmon with Passion fruit & coconut milk reduction
The Two heart salad with Balsamic and Avocado dressing
Terre et Mer with goat cheese fondu
Lobster and Crab bisque with cognac
Fisherman rendez-vous
Banquet service
Christmas Chapel at sweet table
Salmon "Belle Vue" on mirror (1)
Pork Scallop with ratatouille and Port sauce
Grilled Calamari with olive oil and lemon
Grilled juicy burger with French fries and salad
Grilled shrimp cocktail with Balsamic reduction
Grilled Rack of lamb with Port reduction
Roasted Guinea Fowl with wild berry / mushroom sauce
Fresh grilled vegetables with Feta & Balsamic
Grilled Lobster with garlic butter
Pan Seared Salmon with cherry tomatoes and orange Salsa
Island style cucumber salad